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Program Guidelines

Phentermine is a controlled substance. It is an appetite suppressant that has been taken safely by millions of people,but as with any medication there is the possibility of side effects and adverse reactions.

Persons with the following medical conditions cannot take Phentermine: Uncontrolled high blood pressure (systolic 140 or greater diastolic 90 or greater),heart disease, history of heart attacks or angina, arteriosclerosis(clogging of the arteries), undiagnosed heart murmur, history of strokes,liver or kidney failure, overactive thyroid, glaucoma,uncontrolled anxiety or depression, and those with a history of drug dependency. Persons that are high risk undiagnosed underlying heart disease are discouraged from taking phentermine. Phentermine is not used when pregnant or breast feeding. Phentermine must be discontinued 2 weeks prior to surgery where general anesthesia will be used. All new Patients will see the MD/NP/PA before beginning the program. Blood pressure, height, weight and medical history will determine if you qualify to take phentermine. Contact one of the clinics in your area to schedule an appointment.

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